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latin: konˈdo.le.o

Condoleo is a latin word that means "to feel another's pain deeply, to greatly suffer with another, to empathize". At Condoleo Counseling and Coaching we believe in coming alongside you in your pain through strong empathy that leads you to feeling seen, heard, and supported.

You don’t have to live a life that feels unfulfilling and a lack of passion for the things that you once were passionate about, all of us deserve to live fulfilling lives, and lives that make us happy. Not a life that feels like you're sleepwalking. But instead you feel in control, connected, validated and supported. 

I believe when true connection happens, this provides a space for healing and change. 

You do not have to go through life alone. 

You get home…
… put down your things, take the dog out, and start cooking dinner. 
It’s the same routine day after day, and it’s wearing you down.
What happened to my motivation?
Will I ever feel like my life can be fun and enjoyable again?
Life feels too demanding. 
You don’t have time to think about what you want out of life, your needs, and your desires because you’re too busy taking care of others.

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It’s time to pull off the Band-Aids and experience deep, lasting change. 

You can feel confident and live authentically without fearing what others want and need from you.

What are your values? Dreams? What gives you joy? 

Together I believe we can discover these, work towards living life as your best self, and gain a more fulfilling day to day life. 

Lasting change happens when you are deeply known by the person on the other side of the conversation – when you can be vulnerable and feel unconditionally accepted and validated. 

And I believe you are worthy of that change. 

Hi, I’m Bess! the founder of Condoleo

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Healing happens when we process our past experiences and how they are influencing our daily lives and relationships. If you are looking for someone to lead you towards this type of change, I’m in. I’m here for it. 

I’ll help you get to the other side of the pain in your life.
Fulfillment and growth are possible for you.

My personal mental health journey started when my father passed away when I was 11.

I know it first hand.

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It is hard to show up and pretend you’re okay. 
It is difficult for you to feel your grief with others, especially when you don’t feel they understand. Together we can find a way that feels like a good healing plan for you. 

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Disordered Eating and Body image

Choosing to do something about your disordered eating and negative body image is courageous. Choosing to better your relationship with food and body image is huge, and scary. You don't have to do it alone.

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You wonder if you will ever feel comfortable simply expressing how you feel and get a supportive response instead of a dismissive one. Safe spaces do exist for you to be able to process your emotions and to feel seen.

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"The clarity that has come of this has been really helpful. It has helped me identify and accept things about myself, and it has helped me make major life decisions."


"Bess creates a space for me that is both safe and productive. She allows me to express and feel, but also questions and challenges my actions and thought patterns that are unhealthy and inconsistent with my goals for my growth."


"I have become more self-aware and I feel less shame about the things that make me who I am."

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let's get started

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It's time for you to be seen, heard, and supported.

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