Shouldn’t I be able to be happy now? 
Shouldn’t I feel happy no matter my size, weight, what I eat, or how much I exercise? 
Shouldn’t I praise myself for the exercise that I am doing?

But, then, on the other side of things, you think…

When I am this weight, I will be happy.
I would be happy if only I had more control over what I eat.
I’ll be in good shape once I’m up to three miles each morning.

Especially with these thoughts running through your head:

Life with an eating disorder can feel unmanageable and disorienting. 

When clients ask this question, I find that they are usually more worried about their ability to accept themselves, not so much about the acceptance of others. When we can truly accept ourselves, others follow. 


What if others don’t accept me after I change my life?


Learning to love your new body can be a difficult and confusing journey. But it is possible to love yourself unconditionally, no matter your weight and size! 


What if I don’t like myself after treatment?


Obsessions often come up with exercise when we aren’t exercising for our happiness and well-being, but instead to restrict/burn calories, lose weight, or maintain a certain bodyweight. This is when exercise becomes a chore instead of something that is enjoyed. 


How can I exercise without becoming obsessed with it?


You can find freedom in recovery where every day doesn’t feel like you are obsessing or thinking about what you will eat that day. Or if you are eating the “right” foods.


Can I live my life without worrying about food or weight?


Facing these challenges and seeing that there is a way to live, not controlled by these intrusive thoughts, is the first step. You probably have some questions.

Others have gone through this, and you do not have to go through this alone. 

Here’s how we’ll do this together

Recovery is not something you should have to do alone

Defining what a healthy lifestyle looks like for you in your treatment process leads to lasting change. I have found that each individual has different needs based on their lifestyle and movement that they enjoy. Building this foundation takes time, but this holistic approach leads to feeling fulfilled and happy with your body inside and out! 

I will support you as you make these changes in your life.

We’ll create a foundation for lasting change by discovering what matters most to you.


Intuitive eating teaches us to listen to our body and its needs instead of dieting or restricting. There are no good or bad foods in intuitive eating. Intuitive eating promotes balanced nutrition and joyful movement, which requires us to be intuned with our bodies and needs. 

Health at Every Size (HAES) discounts the health and wellness industry and promotes nourishing your body and providing it what it needs through intuitive eating and incorporating movement that you enjoy. This is what defines health. Health is not based on your weight or BMI, but on how you feel and what works for you. 

We’ll use “Intuitive Eating” and “Health at Every Size.”


Giving you the tools you need to change your internal dialogue from negative self-talk to positive. Learning to love yourself no matter what/how you eat and no matter your size/weight. 

manage what’s driving your disordered eating or unhealthy body image.


We'll trace your relationship with food, as well as how your family and friends view and treat food. We’ll also explore how others around you talk about their own body – how all of these things contribute to your relationship with yourself and food. 

We’ll get to the root cause of your disordered eating behaviors.


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Are you ready to live your life with confidence, free of shame, and based on a sound plan for healthy eating and self-care?

Recovery is possible. You CAN change your life!

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