I believe that my job as a therapist is to create a safe space for you to be vulnerable, heard, seen, and supported.

When facing issues around depression, grief, and eating disorders, it’s difficult to be vulnerable. Your environment has not allowed you to be fully yourself. You are worried about being judged for your thoughts, or even worse, completely rejected. 

You do not have to go through life alone. 

We’ll approach our work together holistically…

We’ll use different theories and approaches to find the right solution for you and allow you to be in control of your progress.

My holistic approach is centered around the client, their needs, and how they would like to move forward. My job is to deeply listen, validate, and challenge beliefs and systems you have put in place that hinder your life. 

I will push you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable because this is where growth happens. 

Our deep connection to each other will provide an environment where you can tap into your feelings and experiences… and discover the deep impact they have on you and your daily life. 

I promise… when you’re sitting with me, you will feel a sense of belonging. This environment creates a catalyst for transformation, healing, and change.

True connection creates a space for healing. 

I am great at helping clients dig deep into their shit, get to the root of issues, and asking the hard questions. My clients experience “ah-ha” moments often. 

I consistently see clients leave saying similar statements “I finally know why I do that,” “I finally know why I feel that way in these situations.” I motivate and encourage others to change. 

There is no “right” way to be when sitting with me. My only request is that you show up as your true self and as committed to your progress as I am.

And that’s for you to show up and be yourself without fear of judgment.

I have only one rule for you as a client…

What helped me take the next step to become a therapist was seeing how life-changing it was for me. I felt like I became a different person, my true self, through the therapeutic process. And I can’t wait to create that change for you too.

I started on my therapeutic journey when I was healing from depression, grief, and disordered eating habits. 

About Bess

I’ve worked with many young adults and professionals dealing with grief, depression, and eating disorders


I transitioned to full-time private practice


I became a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado and Arizona after over 3,600 hrs of experience. 


I started my private practice and continued working in community mental health


I graduated from Denver Seminary with my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. I did an Internship at Colorado Christian University (CCU)


Education and Experience

How i got here today

In my free time, I enjoy creating art—mostly drawing and painting. If you’d like to see my work, you can visit my website


I am an Enneagram 4. I like working with Enneagrams (personality models) with clients, as they often find it helpful. Find out which Enneagram you are.


I have a three-year-old, 100-pound Bernese Mountain Dog named Gibson. He’s frequently a part of my Instagram stories and is my best pal!


Fun Facts

I'm human first. Therapist second. 


"The clarity that has come of this has been really helpful. It has helped me identify and accept things about myself, and it has helped me make major life decisions."


"Bess creates a space for me that is both safe and productive. She allows me to express and feel, but also questions and challenges my actions and thought patterns that are unhealthy and inconsistent with my goals for my growth."


"I have become more self-aware and I feel less shame about the things that make me who I am."

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It’s time for you to be seen, heard, and supported

You don’t have to go through life alone. 

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