Often a hybrid of online and in-person sessions is the preferred balance for my clients who are looking for both convenience and connection. In fact, while I am not in the office on Mondays, I have started offering virtual sessions on Mondays to give my clients more flexibility. 

A new way of working on your emotional and mental well-being

online therapy

You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you have time restraints, or if adding more to your schedule feels overwhelming

Online therapy can be a great fit if...

Who is online therapy for?

When working together online, we’ll use HIPAA-compliant technology. That means that your information and appointments will be secure whether you are on my couch or online. 

Most clients cannot tell the difference between in-person services vs. online services. I am the same therapist and show up 100% the same way in both settings! 

For some having a physical space to go to and feel safe is important, and for others, they feel safest in their own home. I think it really depends on the individual and their personal needs. 

It’s safe and effective.

When it comes to starting therapy, I probably know what you’re thinking:

          Great… yet another thing to add to my long to-do list… 

          How am I ever going to find the time? There are not enough hours in the day…

         The thought of driving somewhere to do something after work sounds exhausting…

This is where teletherapy can be a good fit. There’s no need to spend time driving to an office to meet with your therapist. You can do it from work or in the comfort of your own home.

You won’t believe how convenient it is!

Thinking there aren’t enough hours in the day?

If you need to meet with me in your car for privacy, that is fine. But I will not do so while you are driving, and you will need to have strong cellular service and be prepared for it to require more data usage than a regular phone call. 


You will also need to have access to high-speed internet that has a stable connection. You’ll also need a place in your home or office where you feel comfortable freely talking about your inner world and struggles without worrying about others being able to hear. 


You will need to access a phone, tablet, or computer with a camera. If you tend to be a more quiet speaker I recommend having headphones with a microphone.


Here’s how to get the most out of your online experience

Book a Free Consultation

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We’ll meet virtually, so you’ll get a chance to see how it feels! 

Transformation takes courage and strength and you being here is a brave beginning!

Still not sure and want to know more? 

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