Those who have grieved have experienced love deeply, and the loss of that love stings—especially when we lose someone suddenly to things such as suicide, homicide, a car accident, or terminal illness.

How could this be happening to me?
Why did they have to die before I got the chance to say goodbye? 
How can I move on from such a tragic loss? 
Will life ever feel like it has meaning again?
Will I ever be happy or have fun again?

And getting rid of these thoughts can be hard:

It can feel challenging to go through day to day life after losing a loved one.

Every day feels like the pain will never end. Life is beginning to feel meaningless and hopeless. 
Life is becoming a blur.
You are beginning to wonder if other’s really understand what you are going through. You feel so alone. 
Sometimes all we can do is think of the “what if’s.”
It can feel challenging to go through day to day life. 

The loss of connection is so painful you can feel it in your bones.

Your life has been flipped upside down. 

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You need a safe space not to be okay. A place to let the tears flow without the worry of judgment. 

It is hard to show up and pretend you’re okay. 

Every time you try to talk to someone about your experience of losing someone you love, you feel frustrated instead of comforted. 

Maybe you’ve received platitudes from well-meaning people in your life—things like, “Why can’t you just look at the bright side?” These messages are never helpful; they’re usually harmful.

You want to feel accepted and heard. You want to heal. 

especially when you don’t feel they understand

It is difficult for you to feel your grief with others

If we don’t experience our deep, painful feelings, they fester and come up eventually in ways that we could one day regret. 

Fully expressing the sadness is what leads to healing and growth. The pain of grief may never fully go away, but living day by day after a loss gets better when you have a safe space to process your difficult emotions.

In therapy, I will help you feel safe without the fear of judgment. I will create space for you to be in your grief without feeling like it is a problem to be fixed or something you should be over by now. I use person-centered techniques that validate your experience and reinforce your feelings. 

I find that this type of therapy allows for true connection. This environment creates a catalyst for transformation, healing, and change, as my goal is to support you through growth, healing, and feeling accepted in your day-to-day life.

Having space to feel without judgment is essential to your healing. 

We can develop a plan for your healing.

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Have compassion for yourself during this difficult time. Here, you can grieve without judgment.

Let me help you find your inner peace.

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