I am currently only working virtually.

Where is your office located? 


Parking is located on the street. There are always ample spots throughout the day and evening. 

Where do I park? 


Yes, it is! 

Is your office handicap accessible? 


I’m available Tuesday through Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm.

What times are you available? 


Sessions are 50 minutes. 

What is the length of your sessions?


Book free consultation

I like for new clients to initially set up a 30-minute free consultation. If we both feel like I could be a good fit for your therapeutic needs, we will set up an appointment at the end of the consultation. 

How do I schedule an appointment? How do I get started?


I accept cash, check, or credit/debit card. Credit/debit card payments are set up during the first session. 

How do you take payment? 


No, but I can provide you with a “Superbill” to present to your insurance company for clients in Arizona and Colorado only.

There are several reasons that I don’t take insurance, 

First, depending on your plan, the insurance company can dictate the kind and duration of your treatment, regardless of my recommendations. I’m not okay with this.

Second, insurance companies tend to focus on keeping their spending and reimbursement to a minimum, and they often see you as just another business transaction. Again… NOT okay! You are a person, not a number.

Finally, with insurance, I’ve found that I spend too much time dealing with bureaucracy rather than focusing my full energy on my clients, their needs, and my training to serve them better.

Do you take insurance? 


I require a 48-hour notice before the start time of your appointment. I do make exceptions for sickness and emergencies. 

What is your cancelation policy? 


I work with adults 18 years or older, both male and female. I do not work with couples. 

What age range do you work with? 


Absolutely! All are welcomed here. 

Are you LGBTQIA friendly? 


I love working with clients that come from all different types of backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions. I have a diverse caseload and have a goal to maintain that. 

Do you work with people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions?


In the first session, we really just discuss your intake paperwork, go through family history, and discuss what you hope to get out of therapy. 

What can I expect in the first session?


I honestly believe that anyone looking to process difficult issues, gain coping skills, and is ready to change can benefit from therapy. I believe that therapy is for everyone! 

Who benefits from therapy?


I have been in private practice since February of 2017. 

How long have you been in practice?


Yes, and I continue to see a therapist today! I really believe in therapy, and it has been a huge aspect of my healing and growth journey. 

Have you been in therapy yourself?


I do not prescribe medications, but I do provide psychiatric resources as needed and happy to consult with your medical provider as needed. 

Do you prescribe medications?


Yes, I am a fully licensed professional counselor (LPC) in two states, Arizona and Colorado. 

Are you licensed? 


I do not usually take notes during my sessions, but I do so afterward as I am legally required to do so. 

Do you take notes?


I understand time restraints are hard, but I think it’s important to make your mental and emotional well-being a priority. 

This type of self-love convinces you that you are worthy of change, healing, and growth… which I believe you are! 

Everyone’s process looks different and, therefore, takes different amounts of time. Therapy is not a “quick fix,” but it does produce lasting change when time and energy are given to it. 

I am happy to speak with you more about this process and would love to talk more about it during our consultation call. 

 I’m not sure I have enough time for therapy right now. How long does it take?


Therapy has helped me, and I truly believe it will help you, too! 

When we make time to grow, we get to know ourselves more deeply than ever before. Being known deeply is what leads us to self-actualization. Knowing the needs and wants of our best selves is what leads to a fulfilling life and self-actualization. We often live our lives based on what others want from us (or what we perceive they want). 

However, this is not fulfillment. I believe the only way to reach a fulfilling life is by working on yourself. 

This means growing your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-knowledge, which will lead to self-compassion and internal healing. When we know that our needs and wants matter, our lives do not have to be controlled by others anymore! 

How do I know this will help me live a more fulfilling life?


I am very relational throughout the therapeutic process. I believe that lasting growth happens when the client feels safe in the relationship, and this environment creates a catalyst of growth, change, and healing. 

What does the therapeutic process look like with you? 


You can’t fail at therapy. Seriously! The only thing you have to do is commit to change, be your true self in sessions without fear of judgment, and show up consistently. You simply have to be committed to the process. 

Neurobiology proves that feeling unconditionally accepted in therapy actually leads to lasting change because it rewires your brain. So, all you have to do is show up and commit. Crazy, right?! 

What if I’m not good at therapy? 


I work best with those who are highly motivated and open to challenging their limiting thoughts and beliefs. I also work best with those that are authentic and genuine. 

With whom do you work best? 


My approach is relational. I believe that true, lasting change starts with a healing relationship with a unique bond. I like to treat every person individualistically, and I believe that therapy looks different for everyone. 

How would you describe yourself as a therapist? 


Not only is my furniture comfortable it is also aesthetically pleasing! I often get compliments from other colleagues on how beautiful and stylish my office is. I’ve even helped other therapists design their offices! 

Is your furniture comfortable?


No, you don’t, but you are more than welcome too, seriously it is very comfy. 

Do I have to lie on a couch?


I might recommend it. I have learned from my therapy journey to just not wear makeup at all to my sessions!  

Should I wear waterproof mascara?


You can, but depending on the question, I might not answer it. Therapy is about you, not me! 

Am I allowed to ask personal questions? 


I am a huge Morgan Harper Nicols fan and love her storyteller app. I encourage you to check it out!

What apps make your life better? 


I honestly love both, but if you really made me choose one, I would have to say dogs. Mostly because that is the only pet I have, and I love him so. Gibson is a 100lb Bernese Mountain Dog that is my bestie, follow me on Instagram, and it won’t be long before you meet him!

Cats or Dogs?